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All-purpose cleaner/degreaser.
Simple Green Concentrated Cleaner, 24 oz. Bottle
List Price: $10.55
Our Price: $7.33
You save $3.22!

Strong yet safe cleaner removes oil, lubricants and grime from washable surfaces. Rinses easily. Concentrated; dilutes with water. Safe for food-preparation areas. Nonabrasive and nonflammable. Exempt from OSHA and EPA special handling and personal protection requirements for hazardous materials.
CD/DVD disc cleaner and repair kit.
Scotch CD/DVD Disc Cleaner & Repair Kit/Solution/Cloth
List Price: $25.93
Our Price: $24.29
You save $1.64!

Optimizes sound and video quality. Repairs minor surface scratches and protects disc from contaminants. Helps prevent skipping and tracking errors. Kit includes disc cleaner, disc scratch remover solution, disk cleaner solution and lint-free cleaning cloths.
CD/DVD disc cleaner comes with wipes and spray.
Scotch CD/DVD Disc Cleaner Wipes & Spray Bottle Solution
List Price: $14.78
Our Price: $12.73
You save $2.05!

Maximizes what you see and hear on your CD or DVD player by removing dust and fingerprints that cause discs to skip and distort. Safe and easy to use. Includes disc cleaner wipes and spray bottle solution.
Ready-to-use liquid cleaner for food service griddles.
Quick Clean Griddle Liquid, 3.2oz Packet
List Price: $102.00
Our Price: $95.03
You save $6.97!

Effectively removes baked-on food and cooking oil from griddles. Convenient one-step cleaning: requires no rinsing, saving you time and labor. Designed for use on medium-hot griddles: 300º to 350º F.
Foaming carpet cleaner leaves carpets with Scotchgard™ anti-soiling protection.
Scotchgard Carpet Cleaner, 18.5 oz. Aerosol
List Price: $10.15
Our Price: $8.63
You save $1.52!

Quickly removes tough stains from rugs and carpets. Leaves behind Scotchgard™ anti-soiling protection so carpets stay cleaner longer. Use for spot cleaning high-traffic areas or full-room cleaning. Contains no phosphorus.
Carpet cleaner utilizes a powerful OXY action and leaves carpets with Scotchgard™ protector.
Scotchgard OXY Carpet Cleaner & Stain Protector, 22 oz. Trigger Spray Bottle
List Price: $8.03
Our Price: $7.79
You save $0.24!

Cleans toughest stains with powerful oxygen-plus solution. Resists dirt so carpets stay clean longer. Scotchgard™ stain-blockers protect carpet.
Heavy-duty aerosol clearner for hard-to-reach places.
TroubleShooter Baseboard Stripper, 21 oz., Aerosol, 12/Carton
List Price: $289.56
Our Price: $237.59
You save $51.97!

A heavy-duty cleaner that removes soil, grease and finish buildup with upside-down spray feature for hard-to-reach places. Use on baseboards, floor edges, corners, stairways and ceramic tile. Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals.
Fast-drying glass cleaner without ammonia in a trigger spray bottle.
Fast-Drying Glass Cleaner w/o Ammonia, 32 oz. Trigger Spray Bottle
List Price: $5.95
Our Price: $5.39
You save $0.56!

Can be used on Plexiglas® and most other plastics. Won't leave streaks or film. Also use on glass windows, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum, ceramic and marble. Ready to use.
Desk and office foaming cleaner in an aerosol can.
Desk & Office Spray Cleaner, 15 oz. Aerosol
List Price: $8.45
Our Price: $7.99
You save $0.46!

Excellent for most surfaces. Non-abrasive formulation cuts through grease, dirt and grime.
Office cleaner in an aerosol can.
Disinfecting Office Cleaner, 12.35 oz. Aerosol
List Price: $9.00
Our Price: $8.79
You save $0.21!

Cleans and disinfects against bacteria on non-porous office surfaces.